Devon Rex kittens

Take a look to see which of our little pets is ready to join your family!
We have new litter from Vasiliy and Dee. Litter D. DOB 06/14/2024
All kittens are boys with blue eyes. Can be available for pet home or for responsible breeders too.
Pics coming soon
Boy 1
Boy 2
Boy 3
We have new litter from Ignat and Anfisa. Litter C. DOB 03/17/2024
All kittens are white.

It is white boy with bright eyes color pigment. Holded by us at moment, but may be available in a month. Please ask me.
You can choose the kitten that you like the more then others and write to me. I will answer all your questions and tell you about the temperament and other details about the kitten. Then you can reserve the kitten and wait for the time when kitty will be able to leave our home after the necessary vaccinations and deworming. Kittens start to leave us around 3,5 - 4 months of age. Each kitten have a veterinary passport and the pedigree, chip.
We can help with the delivery of our kittens to new families. You can count on our advice after purchasing the kitten. Sometimes we have high quality kittens for responsible breeders.