devon rex cattery

About the cattery

We have been breeding cats since 2005. We started breeding work with the Canadian Sphynx breed, but for the last few years it has been Devon Rex only. Our cattery is FIFe and CFA registered. We regularly take part in FIFe cat shows.

MAHAONLAND cattery is:

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We are engaged in purebred breeding. All our kittens have a FIFe pedigree. Our Devons have been tested for HCM (echo ultrasound) and some DNA tests
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Comfortable keeping

None of our Devon rexes are caged, they are all free to roam throughout the house, as they are a part of our Family. We have a newborn kitten room
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Kittens free to roam through kitten room as soon as they have a need. So they have a good orientation in the housing space. They don't make mistakes with the toilet. They all get a lot of hugs from all the family members
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Natural feeding

Proper nutrition at the beginning of life is an important investment in good health for many years to come. We are preferring raw meat diet. We only rarely give to kittens to high-quality dry food Farmina for trying to know what is this

Our devon rex kittens

Welcome to look at our devon-rex kittens. Some of them are ready to join new families.
devon rex kittens
curly kittens

Distinctive features of the Devon Rex breed:

  • They have friendly and sociable personality. Devon Rex has a sweet temperament, excellent learning ability and intelligence. All at this allows them to be perfect companions.
  • Devon rex cats usually have good genetic and physical health, so it’s allows you to take the pet with you outside the home as a companion.
  • They have a pleasant coat – short and curly and almost does not have visible losing of furs, which makes them significantly more comfortable for living together in the house than other breeds.
  • ⁠The coat does not need special grooming – just cuddling your pet more often.
  • ⁠Devon Rex cats are sociable and friendly by nature. They quickly adapt to a new place due to curiosity and friendliness.