About the cattery

The cattery Mahaonland*RU is located in the beautiful city Yaroslavl. Yaroslavl is included Gold Ring of Russia.
My name is Daria. I’m the breeder Mahaonland*RU cattery. All our cats are family members. We have been breeding work since 2005. Today it is the Devon Rex breed.
We fully agree with thesis of responsible breeders: "Quality, but not quantity".
Our Devon rex cats registered FIFe. They are shown successfully, as illustrated in our section on the website our participation from taking part in various the Cat Shows.
Participation in Cat shows is an external quality control, and also allows us to personally communicate with other breeders, potential owners, and judges.

Our life with cats. What our сattery is?

We apply professional knowledge in the breeding and keeping of our Devon rex cats.
  • Our adult cats are all free to roam through the house 🏡
  • In good weather, they walk on the lawn under our control.
  • We also have the kittens's room for mom and kitties.
  • All adult cats and kittens receive natural meat daily, according to the recommendations of vet specialists.
  • Kittens are just getting acquainted with the high-quality food of the Italian factory Farmina, if suddenly their owners decide to feed them by drying food.
Cats live with us
Uitrasound checking
Kittens cozy cradle
Walking on the lawn in good weather
Smart cat toys
Natural meat food
The heart contains a lot of necessary taurine
Cat sleeping places
For happy life
Everything shouild be cute and beautiful
Nice to have outdoor walk
Cat litter box with vertical entrance is our choice
kittens and moms room
Just sweet cat home
So happy females
I want to eat

You can look at our kittens from previous litters